Why Corrugated?

The corrugated industry has been providing sustainable packaging solutions for over 100 years.

Made from renewable source:

Our nationís forest industry plants 1.7 million new trees daily, more than making up for what is harvested for paper and timber production. These young, growing trees sequester more carbon dioxide that mature ones and therefore, offer a greater offset to greenhouse gas emissions.

Uses renewable energy

60% of the energy used in the process of converting wood into corrugated comes from renewable biofuels including bark, wood residuals, and other organic byproducts.

Made from recycled material:

Corrugated boxes made out of virgin board contain an average of 43% recycled content. Corrugated can also be produced using 100% recycled material depending on the application and requirements of the container.

Unsurpassed recovery rate:

Old Corrugated Containers are recovered at 78% rate which is the highest recycling rate of any packaging material.

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