Winning with Customers

When a customer approaches Harris Packaging with a design challenge, we work as a team both structurally and graphically to create the product identity that the customer is after. By understanding the packaging functionality needed along with knowing what graphics will highlight the product, we are able to win with our customers by helping them win in the marketplace.


Customer request: the customer was looking for packaging that would give the consumer a feel of the old west. It should function as both a display and a carrier for the product.

Structural Design: our designer created a box that when opened would give the impression of the cylinder of a revolver and the lids of the product resemble the bullets of a six-shooter. This structure is not only creative but is very protective for the 6 glass jars that it contains.

Graphic Design: our designer came up with several western themes, but the one that was decided upon showcases the image which represents the customerís most celebrated line of products. With the help of our graphics department our customer was able to sell their theme without even opening the box.